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Hiring Orlovista,FL Professional Roofers Near Me vs DIY Roof Repair

Homeowners take pride in keeping their property in top shape. There are projects homeowners can complete as do-it-yourself projects. Others require the touch of professionals. A home’s roof is just as important as the home’s walls. Painting the walls is a do-able DIY project; you might be able to add insulation too. For the roof’s needs, however, it’s best to work with Orlovista,FL professional roofers near me. 

Some extremely handy homeowners have built their own homes. They might be able to handle roof repairs and replacements, but even this group requires the help of a crew. We understand the satisfaction of completing a hefty project, but we encourage homeowners to take into consideration the opportunity cost. 

A professional roof repair takes one day to complete. Orlovista roofing companies make it a point to work quickly. We know that residents want to sleep in their beds. There are times of the year when a roof replacement poses a challenge. Florida receives nice weather in between rain and strong winds. During the rainy and windy season, a roof replacement takes between three to five days on average. 

Minimal roof repairs take as little as 30 minutes to complete. If the weather isn’t cooperating, the repair might stretch out to an all-day project.

Here we explore five reasons why hiring a professional roofing team for roof repair provides an advantage over completing the project as a DIY.

Roof Safety

Safety is a priority that roofing companies take seriously. We care about your roof, home, and property. It seems easy to get up and down the side of your home to the roof. The task starts to get tricky when you’re dealing with the elements, including the sun

Everyone enjoys those nice days during the year, even when the temperatures reach a high of 91 degrees. There’s a difference between enjoying 91-degree weather and working in it on top of a roof. When you’re working on the roof, the safety concerns go beyond ensuring that no one is going to slip off; it also means remaining hydrated and protected from the sun.

Professional roofers employ toe boards to get a grip on top of a roof. In some cases, roofers set up roof brackets for standing. If the job requires it, roofing teams use harnesses as an added safety measure. Ladders are no longer standard; they’ve evolved as must as other roofing, landscaping, and HVAC technology. 

Specialized retailers sell nifty ladders that fold, roll, and stack. They’re also sold with a corresponding price tag. They’re great for homeowners who actively complete property DIY projects. Otherwise, it takes a while to break even on the costs.

Homeowners can purchase roof safety equipment, but how often are you going to use it? For professional roofers, the safety equipment is standard. We break even on these tools because we use them on most jobs. We also know how to work within the elements.


You’re probably a detailed-oriented homeowner who understands the risks of working on a roof. So, you prepare your safety gear. If a craftsman installed your home’s current roof, it should last 15 to 30 years for shingles, 30 to 50 years for rubber, and 50 to 75 years for metal, including repairs. A sudden pouring of hail or rugged winds could cause enough damage to warrant a repair sooner, but this does not occur very often. 

Are you willing to put hours of preparation and resources into a task that requires completion once every ten years?

The time you take to remain safe while working on your roof is an opportunity cost. Orlovista,FL roofers near me complete this work for a living. Safety comes second nature to these professionals.

Roofing Skill Set

The reason why roofing company professionals adhere to safety protocols is training. Roofing professionals don’t train at a two-year college or trade school. Instead, they learn their skills on the job as an apprentice. After an apprenticeship, the individual opts to remain with the company or find another. 

Roofers possess a natural ability for their profession. Roofing requires a set of physical attributes, such as strength, stamina, and endurance. A roofer goes up and down the ladder, but he’s not alone. The professional carries equipment, materials, and other provisions. Summer is the best time to repair or replace a roof, so it’s the busiest. Another item that gets hauled to the roof is water and other hydration liquids.

Roofing falls into the construction category, although it’s not construction per se. It’s related to carpentry, welding, and plumbing. 

Some homeowners enjoy dabbling in DIY projects that require construction, carpentry, and welding skills. These skills are great for building shelves, repairing walls, and installing a new boiler. The roof is a different task.

Homeowners who believe they have the skill set to tackle a roof repair can take it on as a DIY project. It’s also worth hiring professionals who picked roofing as their profession.

If you’re not a natural at construction, welding, and carpentry, your opportunity cost is the time it takes to learn the craft. These skills serve homeowners well. For the roof, allow professional roofers to complete the job they were born to do.

Roofing Equipment

You’ll find roofing nail guns, roofing utility knives, and roofing hatchets in the roofer’s tool belt. The tools must be specific to the task, otherwise, they lack effectiveness. All roofing material lasts at least two decades. It takes a beating when it rains, and it dries out when it’s hot. Therefore, the equipment has to keep up.

Your garage is probably full of tools that get the job done on DIY projects. They help you hammer down nails, tighten up loose screws, and cut through old wires. Unless they’re industrial strength, they’re meant for pedestrian projects unlike the power needed for a roof.

Homeownership is a series of investments. First, you invest in the home purchase. Then, you invest in furnishing it. Next, you invest in the items that help you maintain the property. A basic set of tools makes sense. Homeowners can make an additional investment in more specialized tools, or they can hire professionals to complete roof repairs. 

The expense on the equipment you’ll use once every soften becomes your opportunity cost. Orange roofers near me invest in their equipment and don’t think twice because they use it regularly.

Assessing the Roof Situation

When you climb up on your roof to assess the situation, do you understand what you see? If there’s a leak inside your home from the roof, will you be able to find the spot that’s allowing water inside? Then, will you know how to patch it up?

Now you’re in the nitty-gritty of roof repair. The first step is to find the source. The second step is to assess the damage. Next, you figure out how to fix it. 

The most common roof damage is:


Cracks and punctures

Broken and loose shingles

Aged roofing materials


Pooled water

Each damage requires the proper remedy. If pooled water or other moisture caused the issue, an area larger than the obvious damage requires repair. If the problem is structural, you’re looking at a possible roof replacement. Aged roofing materials might also call for a replacement instead of repair.

As a DIY’er, your skills allow you to patch up the issue. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, your best bet is to contact Orange roofing companies for a repair assessment and estimate.

Here, your opportunity is the time it takes to learn the different types of roof damage. Whereas professional roofers know what they’re seeing because it’s their job.

Roofing Materials

Let’s say that you’ve assessed the roof and are feeling confident about repairing it yourself, so now you need to pick out the proper material for the repair. If you’re happy with the rest of the roof’s health, procuring the same material is a good choice. When you’re presented with this situation, you can check out what else is on the market. Technology has entered all aspects of home improvement. Recycled roofing materials and environmentally-friendly types exist too.

To view materials on the market, head over to your favorite home improvement store. As you view the inventory, speak with an association and ask for a recommendation. It’s your opportunity to ask questions too. During this step, it’s important not to skimp on the quality of the material. The repair area is already vulnerable, so you want to ensure that it’s going to last as long as the rest of the roof.

Professional roofers receive access to roofing materials not available to the public. They’re well-versed in what’s on the market and the material that works best in the regions they service. Orange experiences specific weather throughout the year. So, some materials are more successful than others in this climate. 

While you can pick out the material for your roof’s repair as a DIY project, professional roofers know how to pick the correct material on the first try. Picking the wrong material becomes your opportunity cost. 

Quality of the Roof Work

Keep in mind that the work produced by Orange roofing companies comes with a guarantee. A roof repair is an investment in your home, so professional roofers offer a guarantee to gain the trust of their clients. 

Your opportunity cost here is living with the roof work you complete. You might hit a home run on a simple repair. The question is will it expand the life of the roof? You own all the decisions you make during the DIY roof repair process. On the other hand, if something goes wrong with professional roof work, your paperwork allows you to call and schedule them to fix it without extra charges. 

When you’re looking for Orlovista,FL professional roofers near me, contact 4 Seasons Roofing Systems at 321-360-7663. We’re ready to assess the condition of your roof during a free inspection. Our team will schedule your appointment and answer your questions. To see a list of our Orange roofing services, visit our website.

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