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Choosing Solar

Replacing Your Roof? It’s a Great Time to Add Solar

If you’re thinking about replacing your roof—like millions of other homeowners every year in America—you may also be considering adding solar at the same time. In fact, an average of 2.3 million single-family, detached homes per year will require a roof replacement over the next decade. 

The average cost to replace a roof is about $10,000, depending on the size of the roof and other factors, and it will last anywhere from 20 to 50 years depending on the materials used.

The average cost of installing a residential rooftop solar array is $19,000. Combined with a roof replacement, the total bill can amount to nearly $30,000; however, NREL researchers estimate that when done together, the average cost could be $25,000, potentially saving homeowners an average of $4,000. 

Solar Panels

Are the most significant cost system components, are covered by a 20 to 25 year warranty depending on the manufacturer selected for your plan. This warranty provided by the manufacturer covers the repair or replacement of equipment, and for any labor required.

Price Isn’t the Only Thing That Matters

While utility rates continue to rise, solar energy becomes more efficient, reliable, and affordable every year. It’s also the cleanest power source available, and available in abundant supply. Still, most homeowners don’t know how easy solar savings can be. At 4-SRS, we provide comprehensive solar energy solutions for homeowners who want to save time, money, and resources without the risk or hassle.

Solar Inverter

Is a significant & costly component that is covered by a 12-year warranty, plus we extend that warranty to a 25-year warranty, by purchasing the extended warranty on the homeowner’s behalf. This warranty provided by the manufacturer covers the repair or replacement of equipment, and pays for any labor required.

System Installation

Labor, another significant cost system component, is covered by a 20-year warranty, one of the longest, if not the longest. This is an exceptional labor warranty, considering Arizona requires installers to provide only a 2-year warranty, and most other installers provide only a 10-year warranty.

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